Ah cats. They alternate between affectionate and aloof, independent, and needy. It can take months or even years for a cat and owner relationship to develop understanding and mutual respect. Trying to guess what your cat friend is telling you is only one part of this puzzle. 

But what if there were a way to understand the things your cat wishes you knew? What would your cat tell you? If you’re wondering what your cat wishes you knew, stay tuned for ideas from Blue Valley Animal Hospital

Some Of What Cats Need

I Need Your Attention – Cats may have the reputation for being independent, but they need companionship from people. In fact, when researchers tested cats preferences for food, toys, or social interaction with people, the cats in the study sought human attention over everything else. You are special to your cat!

I’m Bored – Cats are highly intelligent, and need more than a ball of yarn to really thrive. Bored cats are prone to weight gain, which affects their health. Many problem behaviors are also a result of boredom. 

All cats can benefit physically and mentally from environmental enrichment that elicits and supports their natural feline behaviors. Try perches at differing heights, a catio, greens to munch, and interactive toys. Of course, playtime with you is a cat’s favorite enrichment.

I Have To Scratch Something – Speaking of natural feline behaviors, scratching is an ingrained instinct for cats. This genetic behavior is left over from the wild, in which cats scratch to sharpen, clean, stretch, and prepare the claws before a hunt. Give your kitty something to scratch that won’t cost you your furniture, and you’ll both be happier. 

Just Because I’m Purring Doesn’t Mean I’m Happy – A purr often means contentment, but it can also signal pain, anxiety, or stress. You’ll need to check your cat’s other behaviors to ascertain whether the purring means you need a trip to the veterinarian to make sure all is well.  Cats are great at hiding signs of pain, even from their closest people. That’s why regular preventive care for cats is crucial to cat health and well being

My Litter Box Is My Special Place – The litter box is a very particular place for a cat. You’ll need to maintain it daily, and remove, wash it, and change the litter at least once per week. Don’t use toxic or scented cleaners, and establish continuity by keeping the litter box in one established location. The litter box should be located in an accessible but private place, and be big enough for your cat to fit in comfortably. In multiple cat households, you should have a litter box for each cat, plus one to avoid competition and bullying.

If your cat suddenly stops using her litter box, you need to make sure there’s not a medical problem such as a life threatening urinary tract infection. 

What Your Cat Wishes You Knew

Now that you have some insight to the things your cat wishes you knew, we bet you have some ideas of your own! Post on our social media pages or let us know what you think your cat is thinking the next time you see us. We love cats and our top priority is helping them stay healthy and well. Give us a call with any questions!