With proper senior pet wellness your pet can be happy and healthy into their golden years. While there are some realities that come along with aging, aging itself is never a disease, and getting older doesn’t have to mean a life of health complications. Just as we attend to our diets, exercise, and yearly exams, our pets also require ongoing preventive care to stay at their optimum life.

Senior pets, or those typically 7 years and older, also can experience amazing vitality, energy, and quality of life. And just like with us, they need health care that is tailored to their advanced age. Get to know more about how you can give your pet the very best life and longevity through senior pet wellness.

What Is Senior Pet Wellness?

Wellness is an all-encompassing way of looking at health, or as they say, a holistic approach to health. This includes not only being free from disease and pain but also preventing problems through attention to day-to-day care and regular checkups.

Some of the areas we focus on in a senior pet wellness program includes (but is not limited to):

  • Complete physical examination
  • Dental exam (many pets suffer from periodontal and other dental conditions)
  • Ear and eye exam, including glaucoma check
  • Nutrition counseling
  • Skin and coat exam
  • Addressing any mobility issues
  • Organ/physical palpation (looking for abnormalities, lumps, etc.)
  • Blood work
  • X-rays/ultrasound (when needed)
  • Cognition
  • Vaccines and parasite control
  • Behavior consultation

As a pet ages, there are some key areas of health that are more commonly affected in older animals. While the physical exam is critical, we recommend diagnostic exams, such as urinalysis, x-ray, and blood work to have a more accurate look at what’s going on with overall health.

The Importance of Blood Work in Your Pet’s Care

Senior pets can have the heart and energy of their younger companions, but it is true that annual blood work, urinalysis, and blood pressure monitoring is imperative to discovering any changes in your pet friend.

Some of the key things we look for through testing includes:

  • Hyperthyroidism/hypothyroidism
  • Dental disease
  • Cancer
  • Kidney disease
  • Diabetes
  • Liver insufficiency

Blood work is as vital to your pet as it is to you, so we highly encourage annual screening, or more, in order to detect issues earlier.

If you would like more information on senior pet wellness, or to schedule an appointment, please contact your team at Blue Valley Animal Hospital!