Pet wellness is a great new year's resolution for pets

Each new year is brimming with promise and possibility. We look forward to all we think might happen, and we do our best to embrace the unpredictable. But what about our pets? Given the chance, they might make some healthier choices in the new year, but mostly, they rely on us to make the best choices on their behalf. To that end, we offer some New Year’s resolutions that support overall pet wellness and lifelong health.

Don’t Worry, it’s Easy!

When it comes to pet wellness, your cat or dog depends on you. The good news is that it’s never been easier to achieve a healthier, happier lifestyle together. With the following pet wellness resolutions, we’re sure you and your pet will be blazing new trails in 2019. Enjoy!

  1. Exercise – Thanks to modern technology, people are increasingly more aware of how active they are each day, and this translates to our pets, as well. More exercise can result in weight loss, heightened energy, longer life expectancy, and increased overall happiness. In the new year, aim for 20-30 minutes of shared exercise 5 days a week. If you’re feeling bored, agility and obedience training or leash training your cat are great options!
  1. Regular appointments – Most pets should receive annual wellness exams, although aging or sick pets benefit from more frequent appointments. Regular wellness care allows us to detect issues earlier and can reduce the cost of treatments later on. Plus, getting a handle on your pet’s unique nutritional needs, lifestyle, behaviors, and daily care all help build a strong foundation for future pet wellness.
  1. Dental care – Just like for humans, routine dental care is crucial to pet health and wellness. At-home brushing along with professional cleanings and exams help maintain your pet’s oral hygiene and overall health.
  1. Pet wellness – Animals (especially cats) tend to hide or mask signs of pain or weakness. You might not know your pet is suffering until symptoms get out of control. In the new year, we encourage you to observe your pet closely and take note of any changes, big or small.
  1. Out of the ordinary – We all get stuck in our routines, but sometimes, pet wellness can be enhanced with a strong social network. Volunteering at an animal shelter, fostering a pet, or adopting a homeless pet in need are all powerful ways to get involved and give back to your community.

Happy New Year!

The bottom line is that paying attention to pet wellness can help you protect the health of your companion and boost their happiness. What’s more, snuggling your pet and simply spending time together also positively impacts your own health. A win-win!

From all of us at Blue Valley Animal Hospital, we wish you and your pet a happy – and very healthy – new year. We look forward to seeing you in 2019!