Walk Your Pet Month: Why Walking Your Pet is So Important

dog owner walking dog

Owning a pet is a big responsibility. Not only do you have to take care of their physical health, but you also need to make sure they stay mentally healthy and happy. There are different ways to achieve this, but one of the best is simply getting them outside and walking them around your neighborhood.

Walking your pet helps you stay fit too! It’s a great way to burn calories and reduce stress—so you can feel good about yourself while having fun with your dog.

And since January is National Walk Your Dog Month, these are some of the reasons why walking your pet is so important. 


National Pet Awareness Month: Ways to Celebrate Our Pets

Dog with party hat and glasses.

November is National Pet Awareness Month, and even though we cherish our pets every day of the year, November marks a month that reminds us to shower our favorite animal companions with a little extra TLC.

At Blue Valley Animal Hospital, we appreciate our pet families and look forward to providing pets with exceptional care and compassion. To celebrate National Pet Awareness Month, our team has compiled some ways for you to show your pets just how much they mean to you.


Pet Diabetes Month: How to Keep Your Pet Healthy

Dog waiting for food bowl.

Blue Valley Animal Hospital is all about pet wellness and helping our clients keep their pets healthy. November is Pet Diabetes Awareness month, and we are all for a little education and awareness. Read on to learn about pet diabetes and how you can prevent problems for your favorite pets. 


What Should My Dog Be Eating As It Ages?

Dog looking for food.

We all know that puppy food is recommended for dogs that are not fully grown, but after that, things can become a little fuzzy. When it comes to dog diet recommendations, it is a little up in the air how and what to feed. The internet is full of information that may or may not be super accurate. Blue Valley Animal Hospital is here to help you better understand the answer to the question, “What should my dog be eating as it ages?”


The Cutest Care of All: Puppy and Kitten Care

Puppy and kitten care.

There may be nothing more adorable and exciting than welcoming a new baby into your home. While human babies are cute as well, at Blue Valley Animal Hospital, puppies and kittens are more our speed. Getting your new pet off on the right paw is important. Keep reading to learn more about good kitten and puppy care:


Senior Pet Care: Prolonging the Life of Your Best Friend

Senior pet care.

Our pets are often our best friends, and it is important to do right by them. Taking good care of a pet as they enter their golden years is a great way to repay them for all they do for us. Blue Valley Animal Hospital is here to help you provide senior pet care that your four-legged companion deserves. 


The Importance of Microchipping

A dog running in the brush.

It can happen to even the most watchful and caring pet parents: the front door is left open, a loose screen gets pushed out, or an excited dog wriggles his way out of his collar. In the United States, more than 10 million cats and dogs are reported missing each year. When a pet runs away, it’s absolutely heartbreaking, which is why the caring team at Blue Valley Animal Hospital wants pet parents to understand the benefits of having their pets microchipped.

We know you have questions, so read on to learn more about this important part of pet safety


How to Recognize the Symptoms of a Sick Bird

A veterinarian looking at a sick bird.

It’s pretty easy to spot a healthy bird just from their physical appearance. They may appear bright-eyed and alert, engaging, clean, and active. While the signs of illness or injury might be noted by someone with extensive avian experience, birds are unlikely to reveal symptoms as a method of self-preservation. By the time you start to wonder if you have a sick bird, they may be in dire need of medical help.


Pet Cancer Spotlight: Can My Pet Get Skin Cancer?

Dog outside in the sun.

Although no one likes to hear the word “cancer,” is is unfortunately a common diagnosis, especially in older patients. There are many types of pet cancer that can affect our furry friends in a multitude of ways, with each type behaving somewhat differently. At Blue Valley Animal Hospital, we are often asked about skin cancer and skin cancer symptoms in pets. Read on to learn about the signs to watch out for and ways to avoid skin cancer in your four-legged family member.


The Importance of Vaccinations for Cats

Cat vaccine

At Blue Valley Animal Hospital, vaccinations in one form or another are an important wellness recommendation for almost any pet patient we see. While most of our dog owners follow our recommendations, our feline patients are much less likely to receive the wellness care that they need. That doesn’t make vaccinations for cats or other wellness care any less essential for them, though.