Pet being rescued from fire.

No one ever expects a fire to start while they’re sleeping safely at home, but making a plan to keep your pet safe in case of a fire can literally be the difference between life or death. With these pet safety tips from Blue Valley Animal Hospital, you will know what to do with your pet in the unlikely instance of a house fire:

What Is Your Fire Escape Plan?

In emergency situations like fires, logical thought is not always at the forefront of your mind. Creating a fire escape plan ahead of time can minimize stress during an emergency so you can just focus on acting. When creating a fire escape plan, be sure to:

  •  Make sure all fire alarms are correctly installed and working
  •  Involve all family members in the planning process
  • Designate family members to be responsible for another person or pet
  • Try to plan for at least two escape routes
  • Mark the routes for kids
  •  Don’t wait to evacuate!
  • Practice, practice, practice

Review your plan with your local fire department. Be sure you know what they need to find your house, family members, and pets in a fire emergency.

Your Pets May Hide or Cower When They Smell Smoke

The fire alarms are sounding, and you have learned your escape plan, but you can’t find your pets. What should you do?

  • Do not take time to look for a pet.
  • Get out of the house as fast as you can and tell firefighters where to look for your pet.
  • Grab leashes and carriers (part of your escape plan) on your way out. Once you have your pets safely in hand, you’ll need to secure them to help them feel safe.

In a fire emergency, you can be overwhelmed quickly by smoke and toxins released from burning materials. Firefighters wear protective clothing to get them into the fire and rescue hiding pets. They have plenty of experience that tells them where to look.

Plan For Fire Emergencies When Traveling

Always bring a leash or pet carrier when traveling with pets in your car. You can’t know when there might be an emergency, and you’d have to evacuate. Make sure your pets are secure and with you, not running around where they could be hurt.

When you plan your trip with pets, ask about fire planning at each overnight stay. Often, pets are kept in a kennel area, not with you in your room.  

If you plan to travel and would like to leave your pets with us, schedule dates for boarding. You can be confident that your pets will be safe in our care.

We Want to Help Your Pets Live Healthy Lives

Our staff is happy to consult with you about how to keep pets safe in a fire emergency. We’ll do our best to keep your fur family healthy in any kind of emergency. 
Please call us at (913) 681‑2818 with questions or to schedule a wellness check. We’ll take time to answer your questions and recommend resources that will help you keep your pets happy and healthy throughout their lives.