Pet adoption.

Adding a new furry family member to your home is a big deal. If you are considering taking the plunge, Blue Valley Animal Hospital hopes that you will consider pet adoption in honor of Change a Pet’s Life Day on January 24th. 

How Pet Adoption Helps

Giving a homeless animal a place to call their own really makes an impact. According to the ASPCA, nearly one million dogs and cats in shelters are euthanized each year, many simply because they cannot find a home. When you adopt a pet, not only do you change that pet’s life, but you make room for another needy animal who might not otherwise get the care they need.

Adopting a pet also keeps your money from supporting puppy mills and other factory-style breeding operations where many pet stores source their animals from. 

Pet adoption also helps to put a dent in the pet overpopulation problem in the United States. There are simply not enough homes for all the animals that need them. By taking in a pet in need instead of one that has been newly bred, you can help stop the cycle. 

Benefits for Your Family

Pet adoption is also a great option because of the benefits it brings you and your family. Consider that pets who are up for adoption:

  • Have been vetted and deemed healthy
  • Have known personality traits, health statuses, and behaviors that can be shopped for
  • Often have been housetrained and may even know some manners
  • Typically are up to date on vaccines, parasite prevention, and are spayed or neutered
  • Come with a sense of satisfaction and pride knowing that you have helped
  • Seem to exude appreciation, which is always a wonderful feeling

Taking the Plunge

Before committing to a pet adoption, be sure that you know what you are looking for and are serious about commitment. All pets deserve forever homes, but it is especially important to be serious about your devotion to an animal who may not have had the best start in life. 

Know how much time you have and what medical or behavioral issues might be deal-breakers for you. Take into consideration other pets, children, and your home environment. These will all be important factors in selecting a pet to love.

If you have questions about choosing a pet, please contact us for guidance. While pet adoption ultimately can be very different between families, our team can help you to narrow things down and avoid some common pitfalls that we see.

Pet adoption can make a huge impact not only for the animal being rescued, but for your family as well. Our team is honored to help in the process in any way we can.