pet boardingMost of us consider our pets full-fledged members of our families, and it can be hard to be away from them when we have to leave town. Because it’s simply not possible to bring our pets everywhere we go (although that would be ideal), many pet owners turn to pet boarding services to provide a safe and secure “home away from home” for their pets.

Getting the Best out of Pet Boarding

Selecting a safe and reputable boarding kennel that meets your pet’s needs, as well as your expectations, is critical. The following suggestions will help you get started on your pet boarding research:

  • Call around and schedule appointments to tour facilities you are interested in.
  • Be on the lookout for cleanliness; there should be no overwhelming odors, living and playing areas should be clean and free of waste, and cats should be housed separately from dogs to reduce their overall stress. Staff should be friendly and willing to show you around.
  • Ask about their security measures and emergency protocol.
  • Find out if the kennel offers extra services that could enhance your pet’s experience, such as grooming or extra playtimes.
  • Once you have selected a boarding kennel, make reservations ASAP as spaces tend to fill up during holidays and summer months.
  • Schedule a wellness exam to ensure that your pet has all of the required immunizations and parasite prevention in place.
  • Try to bring your pet by to visit the kennel once or twice before their stay, as this can reduce their stress (and yours!) on drop-off day.

Packing for Your Pet

There is no need to pack an overflowing duffel bag for your pet, but if they require a special diet, medications, or supplements, be sure to pack the appropriate amount, plus a little extra. A few comforts of home never hurt either, and your pet would probably appreciate a favorite blanket or chew-toy. Anything with your scent on it can be a huge source of comfort to a pet in an unfamiliar environment.

The Big Day

It’s understandable to feel a little sensitive as you drop your pet off at a boarding kennel, but our anxiety can affect our pets and may make it more difficult for them to be apart from us. Keep your goodbyes short and sweet, ending on a positive note. Your happiness and excitement will help to ease the transition for your pet.

Pet Boarding at Blue Valley

At Blue Valley Animal Hospital, we are proud to offer safe, clean, and comfortable cat and dog boarding services. With a caring and compassionate staff, and easy access to our state-of-the-art medical services, you can rest easy knowing your pet is safe and well taken care of.

Give us a call anytime to schedule a visit to our pet boarding kennel, or with any questions or concerns you may have.