Pet sitter taking selfie with dog.

If you’re booking a stress-free getaway this summer, planning for your pet’s care while you’re gone should be a top priority. Pet sitters and boarding facilities fill up fast in the warmer months, and you’ll need plenty of time to research your options, schedule meet-and-greets, and possibly do a trial run with your chosen service. 

At Blue Valley Animal Hospital, we know that leaving your pet in the hands of someone else can be difficult. In honor of Professional Pet Sitters Week (March 5-11), we’ve put together some hints to help you make an informed decision when choosing a pet sitter.

What to Look for in a Pet Sitter

Top-notch pet sitters will have the following qualities:

  • They Know and Love Pets. A pet sitter should be at-ease and genuinely thrilled to meet your pet. Plus, professional pet sitters should have a working knowledge of different species and breeds as well as their physical and nutritional needs.
  • They Are Experienced. Always inquire about previous experience and ask to see references/testimonials.
  • They Manage Their Schedules Wisely. Pet sitters shouldn’t overbook themselves at the expense of your pet’s care. Can the sitter adequately accommodate the number of daily visits you need? How much time will they spend at each visit? 
  • They Know How to Respond to Emergencies. A responsible pet sitter will have a plan in place for emergencies, and they will ask for your veterinarian’s information and your preferred animal ER. 
  • They Act Professional. A pet sitter should be a good listener, respectful of your needs, and an excellent communicator. They should also carry insurance. 
  • They Can Administer Medications. This criterion may not apply to all pet parents, but for those whose pets need daily meds, it’s a must-have. 
  • They Are Documenting Your Instructions. A pet-sitting pro will keep a written record of your instructions, such as your pet’s feeding schedule
  • They Earn Your Pet’s Seal of Approval. Watch how your pet interacts with the sitter. When a pet sitter is calm and confident, your pet will sense it. If you have a bashful pet, does the pet sitter seem patient and willing to give your pet space?

Is a Pet Sitter Worth It?

Hiring a pet sitter is usually more expensive than boarding a pet, but it does come with some advantages, including:

  • Your pet remains in familiar surroundings. 
  • Some pet sitters will perform light housework, such as watering plants, getting the mail, and switching lights off and on.
  • It gives the appearance that your house isn’t empty.
  • Your pet gets one-on-one attention.

Whenever you must travel without your pet, the important thing is that your pet is safe and properly cared for. Blue Valley Animal Hospital offers a secure boarding facility, and we’re always happy to discuss our accommodations. Contact us at (913) 681-2818.