Summertime is high time for the high life, and that means grilling, picnics, and parties. Hosting parties when you have a pet can prove to be challenging when you’re not prepared. From toxic food to loud noises, the risks involved for your pet can be many, and some may even surprise you. 

There is no reason why you can’t enjoy the season with some events and gatherings, though. This is why your team at Blue Valley Animal Hospital is here with some suggestions for keeping your pet safe during parties. Let’s take a closer look!

Fourth of July and Other Summer Holidays

Independence Day, sports events, and other summer festivities have one common denominator, and that is fireworks! There is something about summertime events that bring on all of the sizzles, bangs, and pops. This is fun for adults and humans alike, but not so much for the family pet. Loud noises are synonymous with parties, too, whether it’s blaring music or laughter. 

Dogs and cats, as well as other pets, are highly sensitive to noise. For some pets, the shrill sound of fireworks and the unpredictability of when they go off make for a terrifying time. Noise anxiety and phobia are common among dogs, especially, and can cause a pet to try and escape, putting them at risk for accident or becoming lost.

To protect your pet from noise fears, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure your pet is microchipped and has ID tags, and the information is current.
  2. Protect your pet from the noise by putting them in a secure, less noisy part of the home.
  3. Use a radio, white noise machine, or TV to muffle the noises that scare them.
  4. Give your pet something to do that distracts them, such as a Kong filled with frozen mashed banana or peanut butter.
  5. Have someone stay with your pet during the worst of the fireworks or noise, to reassure them.

Keeping Your Pet Safe During Parties

When you throw a bash at your home, make sure to keep your pet’s safety in mind. Even if your pet is especially sociable, during the commotion and distractions of hosting, a pet can eat something they shouldn’t, get out through an open gate, or be hurt in other ways. 

If you plan on hosting a big party, you may want to board your pet with us or have them stay at a family member’s home for the night. Depending on how big and boisterous the event will be, it may be a safer (and more pleasant) option for them.

If you don’t want to board your pet, here are some things to keep in mind prior to and during the festivities.

  1. If your pet is allowed to wander around, ask guests to close all doors and gates whenever they enter or exit.
  2. Have a designated pet-sitter to watch your furry one while you are busy entertaining guests.
  3. When you are grilling, put your pet in a secure area so they can’t get into grease, bones, and foil, as well as food that’s used during prep.
  4. Ask everyone to abstain from feeding your pet people food or leftovers.
  5. Make sure to do a sweep of floors and the ground, picking up any food that gets dropped.
  6. Keep food as well as alcoholic beverages on higher tables and counters, out of your four-legged friend’s reach.
  7. Keep it chill by only inviting a certain number of people and keeping the duration of the party only a few hours, versus a late night affair.

Is your pet a party animal? Probably not. But you can help your pet enjoy some socialization and outdoor time if you plan ahead and observe a few simple rules. Ask friends with well behaved pets to come over, too, so your pet can have peers to play with. This is a great idea when the party is in the backyard. 

If you would like more tips on how to keep your pet safe during parties, please call our team. We are more than happy to offer more suggestions. We look forward to seeing your best friend at their next wellness visit.