Walk Your Pet Month: Why Walking Your Pet is So Important

dog owner walking dog

Owning a pet is a big responsibility. Not only do you have to take care of their physical health, but you also need to make sure they stay mentally healthy and happy. There are different ways to achieve this, but one of the best is simply getting them outside and walking them around your neighborhood.

Walking your pet helps you stay fit too! It’s a great way to burn calories and reduce stress—so you can feel good about yourself while having fun with your dog.

And since January is National Walk Your Dog Month, these are some of the reasons why walking your pet is so important. 


New Year’s Resolutions: A Focus on Pet Wellness in 2019

Pet wellness is a great new year's resolution for pets

Each new year is brimming with promise and possibility. We look forward to all we think might happen, and we do our best to embrace the unpredictable. But what about our pets? Given the chance, they might make some healthier choices in the new year, but mostly, they rely on us to make the best choices on their behalf. To that end, we offer some New Year’s resolutions that support overall pet wellness and lifelong health.

Don’t Worry, it’s Easy!

When it comes to pet wellness, your cat or dog depends on you. The good news is that it’s never been easier to achieve a healthier, happier lifestyle together. With the following pet wellness resolutions, we’re sure you and your pet will be blazing new trails in 2019. Enjoy!