Holidays with your cat.

The news that December is National Cat Lover’s Month may come as a surprise to many cat owners. After all, when it comes to living with a cat (or more), aren’t there countless reasons to celebrate them every month of the year? 

Cats make life more fun and interesting. And while it’s important to give them your all throughout the year, December provides even more reasons to celebrate this special relationship. With our guide to sharing the holidays with your cat, you can be sure to get a few extra head bumps or long gazes all the way to New Year’s Eve.

Up the Game

Every cat is unique, and yet they all share certain universal characteristics. Feline priorities include maximizing their own comfort, locating tasty food, and capitalizing on their high prey drive. Everything else seems to fall in place between these three options. 

This holiday season, we recommend diving into these arenas to treat your cat like the king or queen that they are.

Napping in Style

Has it been a little while since you last invested in a proper cat bed? Have you noticed that your cat prefers your bed to the one you bought them? While they might still choose to hop up and snuggle with you in the middle of the night, this December offers a chance to add to their bedding game. 

Some of the best cat beds out there are super soft and squishy. Some beds can be attached to platforms or mounted on the wall or those tree-dwelling kitties. Other cat beds offer a cave-like feeling to cats looking to tune into their bush-dwelling instincts. Depending on your cat’s behaviour and preferences, invest in a new bed that serves their interests well.

Tasty Nom-Noms

Sharing the holidays with your cat is the purr-fect chance to spoil them with healthy, tasty treats. There are so many DIY recipes out there, such as salmon treats, tuna treats, or sardine catnip crunchies.

Since they are obligate carnivores, cats gravitate toward any available meat. Be careful this holiday season to keep Kitty away from the table and counter tops. Be sure to remove any garbage from the house and secure outdoor trash bins. Bones and super fatty gravy pose serious risk to a hungry, curious, opportunistic cat.

Let’s Play!

Cat owners know how well their cats ambush, stalk, pounce, and chase their prey (real or not). To best celebrate the holidays with your cat, provide some new chase toys for them that really help them tune into their predatory nature. If you’ve tried everything on the market to attract and entice your cat, try to make your own felt catnip mice or feather dancers to brighten up your cat’s toy collection. 

Remember to always store your cat’s toys so they don’t try to eat them or become entangled. It’s also ideal to rotate what’s available to them every so often.During the holidays, be sure that your cat doesn’t attempt to play with items like ribbons, bows, tinsel, string lights, and other possible holiday hazards.

The Holidays With Your Cat

Possibly one of the best ideas for sharing the holidays with your cat is to plan out a full holiday movie viewing schedule. Bring some treats to the couch (some for you, some for your cat) , get a toasty blanket, and get ready for a sweet snuggle fest with your best furry friend.

If you have any questions about the safest ways to spend the holidays with your cat, please give us a call at (913) 681‑2818. From all of us at Blue Valley Animal Hospital, have a safe and happy holiday season!