Woman holding puppy in her arms.

Have you ever met a puppy you didn’t like? No one has! Puppies are the best movers and shakers when it comes to winning our hearts. A spontaneous adoption can definitely work out well. But if a dog owner isn’t fully prepared to handle the needs of a dog, the outcome may not be positive. That’s why we always recommend considering your lifestyle and the needs of your household before adopting to make sure you find the right dog.

National Dog Day

August 26, 2021 marks National Dog Day. This annual event reminds us of the impact dogs have on all of our lives. From serving the military or police, the disabled or the chronically ill, dogs deserve to be cared and provided for. We celebrate and love all dogs regardless of age, breed, gender, background, behavior or ability.  

Bring One Home

If you think your home isn’t complete without a dog, congratulations! Dog ownership is one of life’s greatest pleasures, and we’re happy to help you em-”bark” on this new adventure.

There are numerous factors to consider before you take the leap. First, your housing situation must be stable and safe. If you have kids, roommates, older relatives, an unfenced yard, or other pets, please review how a new dog will fare in your environment. 

Do you or someone you live with have allergies? If so, you might want to focus on breeds that shed less, or are considered to be hypoallergenic. Research the cost and frequency of professional grooming for the breed you’re looking for. 

Size & Energy

The right dog for you will be able to keep up with your lifestyle. This might mean a lap dog or it could mean an athletic pup with serious endurance. Some breeds require intense training and physical exercise every single day. If unable to meet these needs, choose a more relaxed dog to hang out with.

Small dogs can be an excellent choice for apartment dwellers or older owners. However, they can be more sensitive to activity, noise, and cold temperatures. Larger dogs require lots of extra wagging room. The whip-like tail of a happy, big dog can cause human injury or damage to household goods. 

The Good Stuff

Buying the right dog food can be tough on the wallet, but it’s critical to a canine’s overall health and wellness. Of course, bigger dogs need more food. Keeping your dog at their ideal weight is easy with measured portions, adequate exercise, and limited treats.

Did Someone Say Treats?

Treats come in handy when training a new dog. Whether they are young and you’re house training them, or they’re simply enjoying obedience or agility training, treats are key. Be sure they are highly nutritious, and if you use too many during training, reduce their food portions.

Choosing the Right Dog

Adjusting your lifestyle to accommodate the needs of the right dog might not be a big deal, but if they show any signs of behavioral problems, such as digging, chewing, soiling, or acting aggressively, your dog may benefit from increased socialization and training support

All Dogs Are the Best

We hope you’ll consider mixed breed dogs as well as senior dogs when searching for the right dog. If you have any questions about adopting or owning a dog, feel free to call us at (913) 681‑2818.

Thank you for celebrating National Dog Day!