Cat in a pet carrier on the way to his veterinary appointment.

At this point in the pandemic, everyone has experienced some level of frustrating change to the daily life they previously took for granted. The world certainly seems more full of uncertainty than it did last year at this time, and for pet owners that uncertainty extends to caring for a sick pet. 

Long wait times for veterinary appointments across the country are taking a toll on pet care. Here at Blue Valley Animal Hospital, many of our clients have asked a lot of questions regarding this phenomenon, like why it’s happening and what you can do about it, so we’re taking the time to answer some of those for our readers.

Why Wait Times for Veterinary Appointments Are So Long

Things are different now, and those differences contribute to the longer wait times for veterinary appointments:

  • The wonderfully positive, record-setting pet adoption rates over the past eight months have led to an overload of patients at many veterinary hospitals and clinics. More patients means more waiting to book appointments.
  • Spending more time at home with pets gives owners more opportunities to notice potential health concerns they may have otherwise missed.
  • Veterinary hospitals and clinics across the country have adopted new safety measures, which affect everything from how pets are cared for to how doctors and staff interact with clients, and contribute to longer wait times.
  • Out of concern for their own health, some pet owners chose not to bring their pets in to regularly scheduled appointments around the beginning of the pandemic and are now attempting to get them in for vaccinations and parasite prevention.

What Pet Owners Can Do

Dealing with longer-than-average wait times for veterinary appointments can range from frustrating to downright scary depending on the situation. If you are concerned about long wait times, especially in urgent cases, we encourage you to reach out to us. If your pet is experiencing a medical emergency and it’s not possible to get a same-day appointment, contact the nearest veterinary emergency hospital.

We care deeply about every pet that comes through our doors, and our level of commitment to high quality care hasn’t changed. The team at Blue Valley Animal Hospital is ready to assist you in any way we can, and please don’t hesitate to call  (913) 681-2818 or visit us online for more information!