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Does your work require long hours away from home and your pet? Or maybe you’re planning a vacation and can’t take your pet along?

These situations can make pet owners feel anxious or even guilty. Pets are our family members, and we’d prefer to have them with us. But when that’s not possible, having a trustworthy pet care provider is essential for your pet’s welfare and your peace of mind.

The Importance of Pet Sitting

Situations will arise when you have to leave your pet, so it’s essential to find a pet care provider you can trust.

Your pet needs to be fed and walked while you’re gone. A good caregiver tends to these needs and will give your pet plenty of attention, ensuring they get plenty of playtime and exercise too.

The proper pet care arrangements will reduce your pet’s stress and yours. You can enjoy your time away without worrying about what’s going on at home.

Boarding Facility, Visiting Sitter, or In-Home Pet Sitter?

You have three main options when hiring a pet sitter: a visiting pet sitter who comes to your home, an in-home sitter who cares for your pet in their home, or a daycare/boarding facility.

  • Visiting pet sitters visit your home one or more times a day to provide care and exercise for your pet. 
  • In-home pet sitters care for your pet in their own home among their own family members and pets.
  • A daycare/boarding facility typically has multiple staff members. These facilities provide care, exercise, or supervised playtime and may offer services such as grooming or easy access to veterinary care.

Advantages of Visiting Pet Sitters

Depending on your pet’s temperament and the length of time you plan to be away, having a professional pet sitter come to your house can be ideal.

Some pets become stressed in unfamiliar environments. Depending on temperament, your pet may tolerate your absence better in your home with their own bedding, food and water bowls, toys, etc.

If your primary concern is having someone look in on your pets during the day while you’re away for several hours, a visiting pet sitter may be an excellent solution. They can feed/water your pet, take them for walks, and offer playtime and attention in your pet’s familiar surroundings.

Advantages of In-Home Pet Sitters

In-home pet-sitting services are typically arranged by using one of the online apps that have become popular in recent years.

The primary advantage of these services is the ability to build a relationship with one pet sitter. If you use their services regularly, your pet will gradually become accustomed to the sitter, their home, family members, and any pets they may have.

Advantages of Daycare/Boarding Facilities

When you leave your dog at a boarding facility, you can be confident they’ll be well-supervised in a safe and clean environment. Staff members are typically well-trained professionals experienced in pet care and behavior. 

Some boarding facilities offer veterinary services on-site. If there’s an emergency while you’re away, experts are on-hand to handle it. And if your dog has any health problems or special needs, a knowledgeable professional can administer any needed treatments or medication.

Qualities to Look for in a Pet Care Provider

Regardless of which type of arrangement you choose, do your homework before choosing your provider:

  • Make sure they have references and a good reputation. Ask friends and relatives for recommendations, and read online reviews.
  • If you’re choosing a visiting pet sitter, arrange a preliminary visit so that you and your pet can meet them in your home. This will allow you to judge how well the sitter interacts with your pet.
  • If you’re choosing an in-home pet sitter, arrange at least one visit to their home before leaving your pet with them. This will allow you to evaluate the surroundings, meet the sitter, their family members, and their pets, and gauge your pet’s comfort level with the environment.
  • A reputable boarding facility will allow you to tour the premises to assess the facilities, cleanliness, and level of care.
  • Ensure the sitter or facility can accommodate any special needs your pet may have and that there’s a plan in place should an emergency arise in your absence.
  • Make sure there’s a way to get in touch with them quickly and that your questions and concerns will be addressed promptly.

Pet Boarding at Blue Valley

Blue Valley Animal Hospital offers comfortable, safe, and clean cat and dog boarding services. With our knowledgeable, friendly staff, and access to state-of-the-art medical services, you can be sure your pet is in caring and capable hands.Contact us with any questions or concerns or to schedule a visit to our pet boarding kennel.