New Year pet safety

People are usually excited to close out one year and welcome the next. Pets? Not so much. They don’t abide by the same rituals that we do. And while many animals simply go with the flow, others respond to parties and perceived chaos with an immediate fight or flight instinct. Whether you’re thinking of hosting or celebrating away from home, there are some significant precautions to consider regarding pet safety this time of year.

The Rundown

A proactive approach this New Year’s Eve is to keep your pet inside the entire evening. Check their collar and ID tags and update your pet’s microchip information, if applicable. If they go outside at all, accompany them on a leash to reduce possible loss or separation.

Set the Calm

Even if your pet has never shown signs of stress or anxiety before, it’s a good idea to do everything you can to try to prevent a scary situation for them. This could mean that you choose to stay home on New Year’s Eve. Install some white noise like fans or soft background music to filter out any outside noise.

A Place of Refuge

One of the best strategies for pet safety is to set them up in a back bedroom away from any potential clatter. If your pet is crate trained, encourage them to enjoy lazing in or around their crate. Set up some food, water, and treats. Play with them near their crate and then once they enter it, you can leave them alone for short periods in order to enjoy holiday festivities.

Time Spent Apart

Some pets are just fine with a little “me time.” Others get a bit frantic, especially if there are loud noises in the neighborhood.

Depending on your pet’s age and general disposition, you may be able to leave them home alone for a few hours at a time. Ideally, you aren’t gone longer than is comfortable for them to hold their bladder or bowels. 

Younger pets and seniors may benefit from personal attention every two hours or so. If you are unable to tend to their needs, please make arrangements with a friend or professional. As a gentle reminder, we do offer boarding accommodations to our community of sweet pets.  

Potential Dangers

Aside from the noise and general disruption from their otherwise mellow routine, exposure to alcohol is a common risk to pet safety around New Year’s Eve. 

Spilled drinks can be easily and quickly lapped up by a curious or opportunistic pet, but even a little bit of alcohol can be super dangerous to their health. As such, it’s best to try to keep your pet separate from any toasts or drinking revelry amongst you and your guests. Watch for any signs like confusion, staggering, or excessive sleepiness. A slowed heart rate and drop of internal temperature can signal a severe pet emergency on a night that’s meant to be celebratory. 

Upholding Pet Safety

As long as your pet’s needs are prioritized and potential risks are understood, they have a fighting chance of getting through to the New Year without incident.

If you have any questions or concerns about pet safety, please give us a call at (913) 681‑2818.

From all of us at Blue Valley Animal Hospital, have a safe and happy new year!